Area ex Michelin – Le Albere

Prestazione eseguita: Progetto esecutivo, assistenza tecnica all’impresa
Committente: Iniziative Urbane S.p.a.
Date: 2006 - 2013
Where: Trento (TN)
Importo impianti elettrici: 5.823.350 €
Importo impianti meccanici: 9.355.556 €

Services Completed:

The mechanical and electrical building services are for the residential blocks C-D-F-G-I

General Description:

The project is developed in an area in the vicinity of the Trento railway system aimed for land recovery and reutilization.

The construction foresees a series of building blocks of 4 to 5 levels aimed for residential, commercial and services use, and 2 buildings of greater importance for a museum (north campus) and a culture and science centre (south campus).

Commercial Activity:

The ground floor is largely dedicated to the commercial activity, fronted with glass windows along the axis which connects the two campuses: the museum in the north and meeting and congress centre in the south.


Essentially the residences are distributed among the upper floors, except for some residential blocks found near park.


The services areas are mainly distributed inside the buildings that run along the axis of the railway track. This design option allows a better management of the engineering design of the eastern façade which is coincidently the most exposed to sound insulation problems. The internal spaces supported by several structural pillars at a desirable depths, can be furnished for use as individual office rooms, open offices or a combination of the two.

Mechanical services design philosophy:

  • Underfloor heating
  • Fan cooling
  • Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery
  • Methane gas supply

Each habitable unit is equipped with a metering module which measures the quantity of heating and cooling energy provided from the main grid and absorbed from the substations located underground.

Electrical services design philosophy:

  • Lighting and power distribution
  • Building Management Systems
  • Satellite TV
  • Video entryphone system
  • SPD and earth system
  • Communications line grid